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Mommy & Daddy Petrini visit Japan August 18, 2009

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Mom and Dad acting like big kids at Tokyo Disney!

Mom and Dad acting like big kids at Tokyo Disney!

July 28, 2009 – August 4, 2009

It still remains  a shock to me that my parents came to Japan, BUT IT’S TRUE!  I think it’s safe for me to speak on their behalf — it was a super funtastic time!  The summer humidity was far from thrilling, but my mom had the best sweat towel system imaginable rigged up!  Mom and Dad managed to do as much as possible in a week’s time – good fun, good food, good family and friends.

The day my parents arrived was  also the day Sarah Williamson and I  had plans (she was in Japan with her bf, Mark).  Sarah and I went with my friend Steven to Tomoko-chan’s house.  We had a Japanese picnic!   Tomoko is a female singer in Steven’s show.  We had such a perfect day!  After picnicking, we went to karaoke!  Then we rushed home to meet my parents.  On my parent’s first night, Sarah joined us for Korean bbq (Yakiniku).

Day 1:  “Goodmorning, goodmorning! It’s great to stay up late!”  We began the day bright and early at Tsukiji fish market where 3,000 tons of fish (over 450 varieties) are handled every day.  Following the market, my parents spent the remainder of the day at Tokyo DisneySea!  They saw my show and at the end of my work day, I joined them at the park.

Day 2:  Tokyo Day!  While in Tokyo, my parents saw the GIANT Gundam (a famous Japanese anime character).  They took a river cruise across the Sumida River.  The docking point was Asakusa.  This is the location of the famous Senso-ji Temple.  Due to an evening of transporation chaos (a major line on the Tokyo train system was down), our plans were forced to change; however, my parents experienced Japan in a way that is unusual for tourists.

Day 3:  Tokyo Disneyland and Cirque du Soliel!  AMAZING!

Day 4:  Nikko – My parents took a trip outside of Tokyo to visit a mountanous area that is home to Japan’s most ornate shrine, Toshugu.

Day 5:  Kamakura and cast dinner!  My parents took a trip to see the Great Buddha in Kamakura, along with other temples and shrines.  In the evening, some of my cast members and Disney friends joined my family and I for dinner!!

Day 6:  Hakone!  My favorite day in Japan and I believe my parent’s would second that statement.  Although it was too cloudy to see Mt Fuji, we enjoyed the most beautiful views of nature (including an active volcano!) from a really exciting variety of transportation modes.

Day 7:  THE END.  Before heading to the airport, my parent’s and I went on a tour of Tokyo’s Imperial Palace.

Korean BBQ - Putting on our bibs!

Korean BBQ - Putting on our bibs!

Japan 7.28.2008 - 7.31.2009 120

Tokyo River Cruise

Japan 7.28.2008 - 7.31.2009 026

Giant frozen tuna - Tsukiji Market

Giant frozen tuna - Tsukiji Market


The Disney Gang

The Disney Gang

Hakone Ropeway

Hakone Ropeway


from above the active volcano!

from above the active volcano!


Boat ride on Lake Ashi in Hakone

Boat ride on Lake Ashi in Hakone

Mom and Christine in Hakone

Mom and Christine in Hakone


3 Responses to “Mommy & Daddy Petrini visit Japan”

  1. Julie Says:

    what beautiful pictures…looks like you guys had a great time!! 🙂

  2. Amanda Says:

    Your pictures are awesome! And it made me SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU OMG!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Christine,

    hope you remember your cousin in italy…
    Your dad gave me your blog address , complements its great.
    You look like you are having a great time, keep it up its the best way to enjoy life to its fullest.
    Hope you manage to come back to Italy, but you have to bring your mom and dad… Take care Eddy

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