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Factual Fun June 9, 2009

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Just a few more facts of interest…

1.  Taxi doors open automatically.  Also, taxi fares start at 710 yen (the equivalent of about $7.00….yikes!)

2.  ATM machines charge conveniece charges after hours and at rush hour (what!?!?!).  This includes ATM machines at your own bank.  What is the world coming to….is the machine really inconvienced if I get cash after bank hours?

3. Japanese manga (comic books)  – Often, Japanese men, dressed in work attire and riding the train during commuter hours, can be found reading “adult” comics.  It appears to be a widely accepted practice becuase these men don’t hide the comic pages from other passengers views.

4.  Cell phones – So, the U.S. needs to catch up with Japanese cell phone features.

First of all, every Japanese phone has text messaging and email.  If you are typing too many characters for a text, you convert to an email.  Just like with phone calls and texting, emails to other phones with the same service provider are free.  When you sign up for cell phone service, you get an email address specifically for your phone.

COOLEST FEATURE EVER = Infrared.  Japanese phones have infrared so that you can automatically transfer data to other phones.  You can send your contact information (including name, phone number email address, etc) by lining up the infrared panel of your phone to another phone.  Pretty nifty.


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