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Dwarfed by the Great Buddha of Kamakura May 16, 2009

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092081085The Great Buddha of Kamakura (Kamakura Daibutsu) is the

2nd largest Buddha statue in Japan!

A few weeks ago, Shannon, Katy and I had ourselves a little trip to see what all the hype is about in Kamakura!  It turned out to be an amazing day trip, especially since it is only about an hour train ride from Tokyo.  Buddha stands tall, reaching an approximate height of 43 feet!  If you stack 8 of me on top of each other, that would equal the Great Buddha’s massive size.  As it turns out, when you visit Kamakura, you can go inside of the Great Buddha!  Once inside, there’s not much to see; however, it’s really cool to look around yourself and say, “wow, I’m standing inside of a gigantic  Buddha statue”!

After seeing the main attraction, we decided to follow a trail throughout Kamakura, stopping at shrines and temples along the way.  Prior to the trip, I had no idea to expect of day of uphill hiking.  Much to my suprise, the majority of our day was comprised of hiking through a dirt trail!  It was perfect spring weather for such an outdoor adventure!  Had it been a humid summer day, odds are that I wouldn’t have been quite as cheerful.108115After a full day of sightseeing, we treated ourselves to an evening at the onsen nearest to our apartment complex.  Onsens are very popular and very common throughout Japan.  For those of you who don’t know, an onsen is a Japanese hot spring (a.k.a. the most amazing thing ever created).  The hot springs are used as public bathing facilities.  Modern onsens have a spa/resort feel.  There are seperate male and female nude bathing areas.  Additionally, some onsen locations also have a communal area where bathing suits are required.  There are many different baths (both indoors and outdoors)— salt water, rose water, water with healing herbs, etc.  In addition to the baths, the onsen near EVillage has a sauna, restaurants, an arcade and massage/facial/Dr. Foot services.  Yes, yes, Dr. Foot is exactly what you think it is….where the little fishies eat the dead skin off your feet!  As you can imagine, a visit to the onsen is the perfect ending to the perfect day!